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Dry Land

Climate change and modern agriculture threaten to make the world unlivable.

Trees From Above

Create a gigaton of protein from 2.2 gigatons of captured CO2.

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Ideally positioned for success

Four world changing factors favor NovoNutrients

Resource Efficiency

NovoNutrients proprietary microbes grow quickly in reusable media, using minimal water and no arable land.

Abundant Inputs

Much CO2 is cost negative. Hydrogen is becoming greener, cheaper, and more plentiful, sometimes produced in excess.

Global Potential

Cost Effectiveness

Our custom bioreactor designs enable optimal protein production at reduced bioprocess cost.

Systems can be collocated with large input providers: emitters, hydrogen producers, pipelines, or direct air capture hubs.

World Changng Factors
Tropical Leaves

A Unique Process

The NovoNutrients platform is powered by proprietary microbes and patent pending bioreactors. The organisms transform emissions, along with hydrogen and oxygen, into complete, safe, natural protein via fermentation. This biomass is this harvested, dried, and processed.

The result? A new pillar of the food system, decoupled from agriculture and potentially from fossil fuels, with practically limitless applications.

NovoNutrients' flexible technology can utilize diverse profiles of mixed emissions gases from, eliminating costly upstream refining processes and capturing CO2 at the source.

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Remarkable Quality. Compelling Price.

NovoNutrients protein quality is equal to beef, and superior to all plant based alternative proteins. The production process requires virtually no land or water, no pesticide or fertilizer, and at a comparatively low cost to other alternative proteins. 

Our fermentation-enabled single cell product (SCP) is 75% protein by mass, with all the essential amino acids and little fat or fiber. Multiple animal trials conducted in the US and Japan have consistently shown high digestibility and palatability scores.

Economically Efficient, Sustainable Scaling With Global Reach

With partnerships and traction across the globe, we're actively expanding our production capability. In the next decade, as our inputs become less expensive and the output ever more valuable, we will scale our production up over 10,000 fold.


NovoNutrients' mission is to solve two problems at once: create sustainable protein to feed a growing population, and combat climate change through direct carbon capture and utilization. 

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Scalable Alternative Protein is Essential and Inevitable.

By 2030:

55B tons CO2 e emitted yearly

Industrial Chimney

55% Increase in Meat Demand 

60% increase in water demand

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$250B Carbon Capture and Utilization Market

$500B Alternative protein market value


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