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Image by Christian Wiediger
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Resource Efficient

Abundant Inputs

Cost Effective

Global Potential

Core Values

NovoNutrients proprietary microbes grow quickly in recirculated media, using minimal water and no arable land.

Much CO2 is cost negative. Hydrogen is becoming greener, cheaper, and more plentiful. We encounter both as byproducts of industrial processes.

Our bioreactor designs enable optimal protein production, requiring minimal upstream processing for multiple gas streams.

Systems can be co-located with large producers of emissions gases, hydrogen, or direct air capture CO2.

We are guided by the principles of ethical behavior, respect for people, safety, and stewardship of our products and the environment.


Our Process

NovoNutrients' fermentation platform is powered by patent pending microbes and proprietary bioreactors. The organisms transform emissions, along with hydrogen and oxygen, into complete, safe, natural single cell protein (SCP). This first harvest is then dried and refined to the desired concentration of protein.

The result? A new pillar of the food system, decoupled from agriculture and, ultimately, from fossil fuels. NovoNutrients' flexible technology can utilize various mixed emissions gases, making CO2 capture more economical by reducing the cost of concentration.


Highest Quality.
Lowest Cost.

NovoNutrients' protein quality is on par with beef, and superior to all plant based alternative proteins. Our production process uses very little water or land, and no pesticides or fertilizer, which translates to greatly reduced costs compared to high-quality plant proteins. 

Our fermentation-enabled protein product is 73% protein by mass, with all the essential amino acids and little fat or fiber. Multiple animal trials conducted in the US and Japan have consistently shown high digestibility and palatability scores.

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Partners, Collaborators & Awards

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Skretting/Nutreco NovoNutrients
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Earth and Space
Economic Efficiency. Sustainable Scaling. Global Reach.

With collaboration and traction across the globe, we're actively expanding our production capability. Worldwide, the cost of hydrogen continues to decline, and NovoNutrients leverages this trend to produce low cost protein and high value specialty additives such as carotenoids. Our first world-scale plant will upcycle more than 200,000 tons of CO2 per year.


NovoNutrients' mission is to solve two problems simultaneously: creating sustainable protein to feed a growing population, and combating climate change through carbon capture and utilization. 

Alternative Protein from Carbon Capture is Essential and Inevitable. By 2030:
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50B Tons CO2 emitted yearly


52% Increase in meat demand 

Dry Desert

Global water demand to increase 55%

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$500B Alternative protein market value

$200B Carbon Capture and Utilization market

NovoNutrients sees global food, carbon, and environmental challenges as extraordinary opportunities.

Meet the Team


David Tze


Formerly of
Aquacopia Ventures

Jo Ritter headshot.jpeg

Joachim "Jo" Ritter, PhD


Formerly of

Kumiko Yoshinari Portrait (1).jpg

Kumiko Yoshinari, PhD, CFA

SVP, Partnerships

Formerly of

Kedar Headshot.jpg

Kedar Patel, PhD

SVP, Biology

Formerly of


Satish Lakhapatri, PhD

VP, Engineering

Formerly of

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