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NovoNutrients signs technology development agreement with Woodside Energy.

We recently issued a press release and had the news covered exclusively by TechCrunch+ (full texts available here.)


In short: NovoNutrients secures $3 million investment from Woodside Energy for pilot-scale plant development: NovoNutrients, a company that transforms CO2 emissions into high-quality protein, has signed a technology development agreement. Under the agreement, Woodside will invest up to $3 million in NovoNutrients for the construction and operation of a pilot-scale system, subject to the completion of certain milestones. The collaboration aims to advance the design of commercial-scale plants, deliver increased sample product volume for further validation, and offer alternative lower-carbon solutions to address the world's need for protein while reducing carbon emissions. By adopting a capital-light business model, NovoNutrients can focus on its core technology while partnering with experienced companies like Woodside to develop large-scale projects.

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